What is custom show in PowerPoint Mcq?

What is custom show in PowerPoint?

You might think of it as a playlist. PowerPoint calls this a custom show. When you create a custom show in PowerPoint, you can adapt a presentation for different audiences. Use a custom show to present only certain slides from your presentation, or to create a hyperlink to a group of slides in your presentation.

What do you understand by creating a new custom layout?

Answer: With custom layout you can define any number of your own custom layouts associated with a slide master. Each design will contain one and only one slide master. But the slide master can contain several custom layouts which can be fully customized.

What is custom animation and transition?

Slide transitions are the looks that take you from one slide to the next. 1. Custom Animations are the movements you put on text pictures objects on an individual slide. … Custom Animations are applied to objects on a slide.

What is custom animation?

Custom Animation is a set of effects which can be applied to objects in PowerPoint so that they willanimate in the Slide Show Power Point. They can be added under the Custom Animation function or through the use of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

What is difference between slide transition and custom animation?

The slide transitions are the effects that are applied to the complete slide whereas the custom animation effects are the one that are applied for a particular object like text, picture or shape.

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