What are preliminary impressions?

What are primary impressions?

The primary impression is a concise statement describing the symptom, problem, or condition that is the reason for a medical encounter. A secondary impression is a second, less severe problem with the patient, which may or may not be directly related to the primary impression.

What is the difference between a final impression and a preliminary impression?

Preliminary impressions are accurate reproductions of a patient’s mouth, used for the diagnosis, documentation of dental arches, and visual aid for education. Final impressions have the exact details of the tooth structures and their surrounding tissues.

What is the purpose of a primary impression?

The objectives of the primary impression are to record all the areas to be covered by the intaglio surface of the dentures and the adjacent landmarks with an impression material which is accurate and incorporates the minimum tissue displacement [5].

What is a primary denture impression?

Impression making is an important step in denture construction. Primary impressions are made in a non perforated stock metal tray with impression compound [1–3]. … After preparing the primary cast a custom tray is fabricated. It is imperative that the tray is rigid and dimensionally stable.

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What do you use for a primary impression?

Non-elastic materials. In these circumstances, non-elastic materials (or materials with considerably greater viscosity) are favoured for modifying the trays, such as silicone putty or impression compound. The quickest and simplest material to support material over edentulous areas within the tray is silicone putty.

What is a preliminary impression?

A preliminary impression is a negative likeness made for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment planning, or the fabri- cation of a tray. … This is the first impression of the patient’s mouth that is made for diagnosis, treatment planning, and then for mak- ing the custom trays.

What types of impressions are there?

There are four main types of impression material that are routinely used in dentistry. They can be categorised into either rigid impression materials (zinc oxide eugenol and impression compound) or elastic impression materials (alginate and silicone).

What is a preliminary cast?

PRELIMINARY (DIAGNOSTIC) CASTS. Definition. A positive likeness of the part (s) of the oral cavity for the purpose of study, treatment planning, and/or fabrication of final impression trays.

How many impressions do you need for dentures?

To achieve the best fit, we must take two sets of impressions. To succeed in placing the teeth where they belong and to provide you with the most natural appearance, you will have two fittings. You will have the opportunity to see what your denture will look like (teeth in wax) before it becomes a denture.

What is initial impression in medicine?

Initial impression or initial diagnosis is the one derived right after the first encounter with a patient. The bases for the terminology of “initial impression” are that it is the first (initial) and impression is used with the connotation that it may change over time when more information come it.

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What are secondary impressions used for?

It allows for overupted teeth and those that are out of position and is extended to record the full detail of your sulcus (where your jaw and cheeks meet. Sometimes if the primary impression is that good and no teeth modifications are needed, you can get away without having to have a secondary impression.