How much info should be on a PowerPoint slide?

What is the 5 to 8 rule in PowerPoint?

That means allowing no more than five words per text line, having no more than five lines of text per slide, and never having more than five text-heavy slides in a row. More than anything, you want your slides to be as readable as possible.

How many points should be on a slide?

In order to keep the amount of information in each bullet point concise and to keep the slide from looking cluttered, you should keep the six by six guideline in mind. It states that each slide should aim to have no more than six bullet points and each bullet point should aim to have no more than six words.

What is the 4×5 rule for PowerPoint presentations?

It is a streamlined approach to ensure you won’t be the one reading word-for-word from your PowerPoint and that your audience will not lose focus. The 5X5 Rule is simple. For every slide, no more than 5 bullet points with no more than 5 words per bullet point.

What is the 4×5 rule for slideshow presentations?


The 4×5 rule advises you to use four bullet points of five words each. The rule of 33 says use a maximum of 33 words per slide.

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How many pages is a 1 hour presentation?

The ideal number of slides for an hour-long presentation, and other thoughts on preparing slides. When giving an hour long presentation, about 15 slides is ideal.

How many slides should a 7 minute presentation be?

How many slides do you need for a 7 minute presentation? Some experts recommend 1 to 2 slides per minute, or 30 to 60 slides for an hour-long talk. That’s about the average count in corporate presentations—but most of them cram too much information on each slide.

How many slides should a 5 minute presentation be?

When creating a five minute presentation, plan to present a slide per minute. The five slides, in order, include a Title/Author/Affiliation slide, an Outline slide, a Problem Description/Motivation slide, a Proposed Approach/Alternative slide, and a Summary/Conclusion slide.