How do you insert WordArt in PowerPoint 2013?

Is word art still in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint allows you to add effects to the text inside of a text box, which is known as WordArt. … However, with WordArt, you can also transform the text to give it a wavy, slanted, or inflated look.

How do you add graphics to PowerPoint 2013?

Select the Insert tab, then click the Pictures command in the Images group. A dialog box will appear. Locate and select the desired image file, then click Insert. The picture will appear on the currently selected slide.

What is a WordArt?

WordArt is a gallery of text styles that you can add to your publications to create decorative effects, such as shadowed or mirrored (reflected) text. You can use WordArt to add special text effects to your document.

Does Word 2013 have word art?

First select your words that you want to apply Word Art to. Then go under the Insert tab. Click on a WordArt & select a style, don’t worry if you not quite sure which one you want. … Once WordArt is applied to words you will notice the text box around the selected words.

Why is it best not to use too much WordArt?

Why is it best not to use too much WordArt? Too much means it loses its effect and clutters your document. … MS Publisher has many pre-created documents that you can edit.

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What is difference between WordArt and ClipArt?

Clip art is set of images provided by Microsoft office , which can be used in the document . Word art is stylish text styles provided by Microsoft office. Answer: ClipArt is animated pictures and WordArt is like animated words.