How do you hyperlink slides in Keynote?

How do you hyperlink slides?

Insert a hyperlink

  1. On the slide, tap where you want to add the link.
  2. On the Insert tab of the ribbon, select Link.
  3. Select Insert Link. …
  4. In the Text to display box, enter the text that will be the hyperlink.
  5. Select Insert.

How do I add a hyperlink to Keynote on a Mac?

Add a link in Keynote on Mac

  1. With your text or object selected, right-click or hold Control and click.
  2. Put your cursor over Add Link and select Webpage.
  3. In the small pop-up window that appears, enter the URL for the page.

Can you link to a specific slide in Google Slides?

You do have to enable file sharing before you can link to a specific slide in your presentation, though. Because each slide has a unique URL, all you have to do to link to one is click it in the left pane, and then copy the URL from the address bar.

How do I make a clickable link in Keynote?

1. Add a Hyperlink in Keynote to a Web Page

  1. After you select the text for your hyperlink, right-click and select the Add Link option from the pop-up menu.
  2. Type the URL of the Web Page you want to link to in the dialog box.
  3. Use the Go to Page button to test your Keynote hyperlink.
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How do I insert a hyperlink into Keynote?

Add a link

  1. Control-click an object, text box, or selected text you want to turn into a link, choose Add Link, then choose a destination (Slide, Webpage, Email, or Phone Number).
  2. Specify details for the destination: