How do you add special characters to Keynote?

How do you put accents on letters in Keynote?

Release the modifier key, and then press the key for the character you want to accent. For example, on a U.S. keyboard, to make é appear, press Option and E (the accent key), and then press E (the letter on which you want that accent to appear).

How do you insert Greek letters in Keynote?

From the Character Viewer menu bar item, choose the Greek keyboard > Select the With field and type the ‘l’ key. This should insert the λ character in this field. From the Character ViewSwitch back to the default keyboard. Repeat with other characters.

How do you type Greek characters on a Mac?

For Mac OSX:

In System Preferences, click on Keyboard and then on the Input Sources Tab. On the left is a list of keyboards currently installed. Click the + to add a new keyboard. Select Greek from the lefthand column and Greek Polytonic from the righthand column.

How do you type alpha in Keynote?

Open keynote to your presentation. Place you mouse curser where you want this greek symbol to shot, then in the top menu bar select “edit / special characters” – when the “special character” window opens, if the option for Greek characters is not already listed, click the “gear icon” under the red,yellow,green dots.

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