How do you add a website to Keynote?

How do I insert a website into Keynote?

Control-click an object, text box, or selected text you want to turn into a link, choose Add Link, then choose a destination (Slide, Webpage, Email, or Phone Number).

How do you copy a link in Keynote?

Copy and paste the link

  1. Click. in the toolbar, then do one of the following: Click Copy Link (or if you’re the owner, click Share Options, then click Copy Link). …
  2. Click where you want to paste the link, then choose Edit > Paste (from the Edit menu at the top of your screen), or press Command-V on your keyboard.

How do I embed in Keynote?

Add a video from the web on iPhone or iPad

  1. In Pages, Numbers, or Keynote, tap in the document where you want the video to appear. In Keynote, make sure you’re in Slide View.
  2. Tap the Insert button , tap the Media button , then tap Web Video.
  3. Tap in the Enter URL field, then tap Paste.
  4. Tap Insert.*

How do you hyperlink in Apple?

In an app on your Mac, choose Edit > Substitutions > Smart Links (a checkmark shows it’s on). Do one of the following: Type a URL, and it becomes a link automatically. Select the text to change to a link, choose Edit > Add Link or Format > Add Link, then type or paste the URL.

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Can you share keynotes?

You can collaborate with others in real time by sharing a link to your Keynote presentation. Since shared presentations and any changes to them are saved in iCloud, people working in the presentation can see the changes as they’re made.

How do I add a hyperlink to Keynote on iPad?

Add a link in Keynote on iPhone or iPad

  1. Select the text or object and tap to bring up the shortcut menu. Tap the arrow until you see Link and tap it.
  2. Tap Link To and choose Webpage.
  3. Next to Link, enter the URL for the page.
  4. Tap the X to close the Link Settings window.

Can you embed video in Keynote?

Open Keynote and navigate to the slide where you want the video to appear. Then navigate to the Insert menu and select “Choose.” Navigate to your saved video file and select it. Click “Insert” to add it to the slide that’s open on your screen. The video will insert at full width.

How do I embed a video into Keynote on iPad?

Add video or audio

  1. On the slide where you want to add the video or audio, tap , then tap .
  2. Tap Photo or Video; to insert media from iCloud or another service, tap “Insert from.”
  3. Navigate to the file, then tap it.
  4. To resize video, drag any blue dot.
  5. Tap the Play button on the media to play it.