How do I link a hidden slide in Powerpoint?

How do I hyperlink to a specific slide in PowerPoint?

Select the text, shape, or picture that you want to use as a hyperlink. Select Insert > Hyperlink and select an option: Place in This Document: Link to a specific slide in your presentation.

How do I find a hidden slide in PowerPoint?

Show a hidden slide during a presentation

  1. Right-click the current slide and select See All Slides. The screen switches to a thumbnail list of all the slides in the presentation.
  2. Select the hidden slide you want to show. The selected slide is shown full-screen and the slide show resumes.

How do you reference another slide in PowerPoint?

Create a cross-reference

In PowerPoint, place the cursor where you want the reference to be inserted. Go to UpSlide tab and click Reference (next to the Refresh button). This will open a pane on the right. In the Cross-reference pane, select the slide or section name in the list that you want to insert as a reference.

Why are my slides hidden in PowerPoint?

The slide will now be hidden while in Presenter View. You can tell that a slide is hidden if the thumbnail is a lighter color than the other slides. If you want to unhide the slide, simply right-click the slide and click “Hide Slide” again.

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Why are my slides not showing in PowerPoint?

Set up Show Settings are causing the problem.

Go to Slide Show | Set up Slide Show. In the Show Slides section, choose All. The other options will cause PowerPoint to display just a range of slides or a custom show.

What is the shortcut to add a hyperlink to a slide?

Question: Shortcut key to insert a hyperlink in a slide

  1. Ctrl + H.
  2. Ctrl + K.
  3. Hyperlinks can’t be inserted in slides.
  4. None of the above.

How do I make a hyperlink open in one click in PowerPoint?

Open a hyperlink while editing a presentation

  1. Right-click the hyperlink and select Open Hyperlink on the shortcut menu.
  2. Click Open Hyperlink.

Which option is right for inserting a hyperlink in a slide?

To insert a hyperlink to another slide:

Right-click the selected text or image, then click Hyperlink. The Insert Hyperlink dialog box will appear. On the left side of the dialog box, click Place in this Document. A list of other slides in your presentation will appear.