How do I convert powerpoint to ActivInspire?

How do I save a PowerPoint as a animation?

With PowerPoint you can save a presentation as an animated GIF which can be shared via social or other digital channels. Set up your presentation, complete with any illustrations, animations, and transitions you want. Select File > Export > Create an Animated GIF. The default quality is Medium.

Can you use PowerPoint on a Promethean board?

Try one of these Promethean suggested workarounds: Copy all slides within a PowerPoint file and paste them into a new PowerPoint file, resave. Rename the PowerPoint file to something shorter and resave (such as test. … Try saving the PowerPoint file to your desktop or a USB drive.

How do I import a PowerPoint into ActivInspire?

Can I import a PowerPoint presentation into ActivInspire?

  1. Open the PowerPoint document.
  2. Save the PowerPoint document as a PDF (File -> Print -> Save as PDF) on to your Desktop.
  3. Open ActivInspire.
  4. In the new flipchart, import the PDF file (File -> Import -> PDF).

How do I save an animation?

Saving an animation file

  1. Click the Animation drop-down menu and click Save Animation File.
  2. Click the Save in drop-down arrow and choose a location.
  3. In the File name text box, type the name you want to give the animation file.
  4. Click Save.
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How do I save a PowerPoint as a PDF with animations?

If you need a PDF version of a highly animated PowerPoint deck, you will need to create a copy of the PPT and let each slide display only (and all) the elements that you want to show on the PDF. Then save as PDF (or print to your PDF printer).

How do I convert PPTX to GIF?

How to convert PPTX to GIF

  1. Upload pptx-file(s) Select files from Computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL or by dragging it on the page.
  2. Choose “to gif” Choose gif or any other format you need as a result (more than 200 formats supported)
  3. Download your gif.

Is ActivInspire compatible with Google classroom?

Teachers can record ActivInspire lessons and share via Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Box, or any cloud sharing platforms. … Teachers can export flipchart lessons to pdfs and share them via the virtual classroom of their choice.

Can you convert Google Slides To PowerPoint?

To save a Google Slides presentation as a PowerPoint deck, use the File menu to download the Google Slides file as a PowerPoint (. pptx) file. Your browser will then give you the option to open or save the PowerPoint file on your computer.

Can you write on a Promethean board?

In order to write on your board, the USB cable should be connected to the Promethean Board on one end and to your computer on the other end. c. Make sure that your pen and board are calibrated. Sometimes your pen gets so far out of calibration that you won’t even see it on the screen.

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