Can Google Docs open Keynote files?

What programs can open Keynote files?

You can open these file formats in Keynote on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and online at

  • All Keynote versions.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Office Open XML (. pptx) and Office 97 or later (. ppt)

Does Google Slides work with Keynote?

Google Slides cannot be directly converted to a Keynote file (. key). However, you can export a Google Slides presentation in another file format that is supported by Keynote such as PPTX or JPG and then open it using the Keynote application.

How do I open a Keynote presentation?

Open a presentation on your Mac: For a Keynote presentation, double-click the presentation name or thumbnail, or drag it to the Keynote icon in the Dock or the Applications folder. For a PowerPoint presentation, drag it to the Keynote icon (double-clicking the file opens PowerPoint if you have that app).

How do I open a .key file?

Click the Keynote icon to open the web app. Click the gear button at the top of Keynote to open a menu. Select the Upload Presentation option on that menu. Browse to the folder that includes the Keynote file, select it, and press the Open button to open the Keynote presentation in the web app.

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How do I open a .key file on a Mac without Keynote?

If you’re having difficulties or want to try on an older version of Mac OS X, try forcing Preview to open the file by holding down the command+option keys while dragging the . key document onto the Preview apps icon the Dock.

How do I convert a Keynote file to PowerPoint?

How to convert Keynote to PowerPoint

  1. Launch Keynote and open your presentation.
  2. To convert to PowerPoint, click File in the app’s top menu bar.
  3. Select Export To then PowerPoint.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Edit the name of your file in the Save As section, if needed.
  6. Choose where to save your file in the Where section.
  7. Click Export.

Can you view Keynote on PC?

Yes, you can run Apple Keynote on Windows PC computers. … While Keynote can continue to export files to the PowerPoint format, Windows users can now work directly within Apple Keynote if they prefer. The latest version of Keynote imports PowerPoint PPTX files and exports to the same file format if needed.

Is Keynote better than Google Slides?

If you work on Mac and find Apple products more user-friendly, stylish, and creative, Keynote may become your best solution. If you work with a team using a different OS, you couldn’t be without Google Slides package. It is also a great solution for everyone working remotely.

What is the disadvantage of Google Slides?

One of the disadvantages of Google Slides is that it is lack of features that fulfil users need. Such as diagrams, charts, graphs and so on. This make users hard to make their slides if it’s for serious work.

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