Best answer: How do you add a line measurement in PowerPoint?

How do you insert measurements in PowerPoint?

On the PowerPoint menu, select Preferences, and then select View. Click the arrow next to Ruler units, and select a unit of measure from the list. You can select Inches, Centimeters, Points, or Picas.

Is there a measuring tool in PowerPoint?

There are two rulers in PowerPoint: one displays horizontally at the top of the active slide, and the other displays vertically along the left edge of the slide (shown below). To show the ruler, click View, and in the Show group, check Ruler. To hide the ruler, click View, and in the Show group, clear the Ruler box.

How do you draw dimensions in PowerPoint?

To do so, draw the shape first. Then select the shape and enter the exact dimensions (in PowerPoint 2003 you can enter exact dimensions in the Size tab of the Format Autoshape dialog box and in PowerPoint 2007 the dimensions are on the Drawing Tools Format ribbon).

How do you insert a number line?

Add line numbers to a section or to multiple sections

  1. Click in a section or select multiple sections.
  2. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Line Numbers.
  3. Click Line Numbering Options, and then click the Layout tab.
  4. In the Apply to list, click Selected sections.
  5. Click Line Numbers.
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How do you create a number line?

To come up with a number line:

  1. Draw a straight horizontal line of some suitable length.
  2. Mark points of equal interval.
  3. Plot the middle point with zero.
  4. On the right of the origin, plot the marked points starting from +1, +2, +3…… etc.

How do I use the Ruler tool in PowerPoint?

To control the ruler with your keyboard:

  1. Tap the Ruler. on the Draw tab to make it appear on the drawing surface of the slide.
  2. Click the Ruler with your mouse.
  3. Press Shift+F6 to enter ruler-manipulation mode.
  4. Use a keyboard shortcut to manipulate the Ruler: Action. Key strokes. Move the Ruler up, down, left, or right.

Does PowerPoint have a protractor?

You may well find a better one, but not a cheaper one. This is a powerpoint that lets you demonstrate using a protractor using powerpoint. It does not need any intereactive whiteboards.

How do I measure distance in PowerPoint?

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003

  1. If they are not displayed, turn on guides. How? Click Grid and Guides on the View menu. …
  2. Position a guide where you want to begin measuring.
  3. Press SHIFT as you drag the guide to where you want to stop measuring. As you drag, the measurement appears over an arrow on the guide.