Best answer: How do I change the units in Keynote?

How do I change the length of a line in Keynote?

To edit the line’s shape or position, do any of the following:

  1. Move the line: Click anywhere on the line, then drag it to where you want it.
  2. Change the line length or rotation: Drag the white squares on the ends of the line.
  3. Adjust the arc of a curved line: Drag the green dot in the middle of the line.

Where is the Format button in Keynote?

The Keynote window has a sidebar on the right that shows either the Format, Animate, or Document inspector. These inspectors have controls for formatting text and objects, for animating objects, and for setting presentation and audio options. You can show or hide the sidebar.

How do you scale an image proportionally from its center keynote?

Resize proportionally: Drag a corner selection handle diagonally. Resize from the center: Touch and hold a blue dot, touch and hold the middle of the object, then drag the blue dot. , tap Arrange, tap W or H, then enter values for Width and Height.

How do you change dimensions in Keynote?

Tap the More button > Document Setup. Tap Slide Size, then tap a new size. If you choose Custom, enter the slide dimensions, then tap Done. Tap the Previous Slide button or Next Slide button to preview slides in the new size.

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How do you edit an object in Keynote?

Add and edit a shape in Keynote on Mac

  1. Click. in the toolbar.
  2. Select a category on the left, then click a shape or drag one to the slide (or the surrounding workspace) to add it. To browse all shapes, move the pointer over the shapes pane, then scroll down. …
  3. Drag the shape to reposition it on the slide.

How do I create a custom shape in Keynote?

Keynote –

  1. Adding a Custom Shape. You can use the Draw tool to create your own shapes. …
  2. Click Shapes in the toolbar, and then select the Draw tool (or choose Insert > Shape > “Draw with Pen”). …
  3. Click anywhere in your document to create the first point of the custom shape.
  4. Click to create more points.

Where is the Format sidebar in Mac?

Show the sidebar: Click Format or Organize in the toolbar, or choose View > Inspector > Show Inspector (from the View menu at the top of your screen)].

Where is toolbar in Keynote?

The toolbar at the top of the Keynote window gives you quick access to the controls you need as you work in Keynote. You can add, remove and rearrange toolbar buttons.