Your question: How do you hide a cut line in SolidWorks?

How do you hide a line in Solidworks?

To hide or show edges in a drawing:

  1. Click Hide/Show Edges. …
  2. Select the edges to hide (you can select edges individually, or use box selection), then click . …
  3. To show edges, click Hide/Show Edges. …
  4. Select the hidden edges highlighted in orange, (you can select edges individually, or use box selection), then click .

How do I edit a cut line in Solidworks?

Right-click on an existing section view or its cutting line and click Edit Cutting Line. For some complex section views created with SOLIDWORKS 2013, you must select an insertion point before you can modify them.

What is a hidden line in Solidworks?

Displays the model with all edges that are not visible from the current view angle in gray. Parent topicView Types. Draft Quality HLR/HLV. Shaded With Edges.

How do you hide a tangent line in Solidworks?

Other options for tangent edge display are in the Hide/Show Edges PropertyManager. You can control tangent edge display in the following ways: Default – to set the display for all new drawing views, click Options. > Display Style, and choose one of the options under Tangent edges in new views.

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How do you show hidden lines in Solidworks 2020?

To control how hidden edges are displayed:

  1. Click Tools > Options > System Options > Display.
  2. Select Solid or Dashed for Hidden edges displayed as.
  3. Click OK.

How do you cut a half part in Solidworks?

To split bodies:

  1. Click Split (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Split.
  2. In the PropertyManager, set the options. …
  3. Under Resulting Bodies, select the bodies to save under , or click Auto-assign Names. …
  4. Double-click the body name under File, type a name for the new part in the dialog box, then click Save. …
  5. Click .

How do you cut something in Solidworks?

Click Cut With Surface on the Features toolbar, or click Insert > Cut > With Surface. In the PropertyManager, under Surface Cut Parameters, select the surface or plane to use to cut the solid bodies. Examine the preview. If necessary, click Flip cut to reverse the direction of the cut.

How do you show a full section line in Solidworks?

To show a hidden cutting line, right-click on the section view and click Show Section Line. Use the section view sketch mode in conjunction with the section tool user interface to create both section views and aligned section views.

How do you hide fillet lines on Onshape?

In Onshape’s recent update (Release 1.113), we released a shortcut command for this purpose. To hide all construction geometry, use the “Shift” and “P” keys simultaneously. Construction geometry in this case is defined as sketches, curves, mates, and mate connectors.

How do drawings show fillets?

Double-click the drawing background to display the General arrangement drawing properties dialog box. Click Part or Pour object. If you need to change part representation for profiles, select Exact from the Part representation list. Under Additional marks, select the Fillet edges on/off check box.

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How do you show hidden cuts in Solidworks?

Showing or Hiding Hidden Edges in the Drawing View Properties Dialog Box

  1. Right-click the drawing view and select Properties.
  2. Select the Show Hidden Edges tab.
  3. Select a feature or component from either the drawing view or the FeatureManager design tree to add it to the list of items to be shown with hidden lines.

What is show edges hide menu?

You can show all the hidden lines of selected features and components in drawing documents. You can hide or show edges in high quality (not draft quality) drawing views.

What is a phantom line?

Lines that are made visible as dots or dashes to reveal the edges of objects currently hidden from view.

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