Your question: How do you add a pin in Solidworks?

What is a pin in Solidworks?

A Pin connects a solid or a shell body to another solid or shell body. The selection entities can be cylindrical faces or circular edges from the same body or different bodies.

Which study types support pin connectors?

The pin connector is available for static, nonlinear, buckling, frequency, and dynamic studies. Select all coaxial cylindrical faces or circular shell edges that are attached to the pin (maximum of 10 faces or shell edges). The selections must be coaxial.

What is a contact set in Solidworks?

Use this PropertyManager to define interaction between solids, shells, and beams in a mixed mesh. Bonding beams to shells or solid faces is done automatically for touching components.

What are the benefits of distributed coupling for Pins & Bolts?

The addition of distributed coupling for bolts and pins allows the head, nut, or shaft contacting nodes to deform independently, better simulating the actual behavior of your assemblies. This means more realistic stresses and displacements near connectors, and fewer artificial stress hot spots.

How do you simulate in SolidWorks?

1 Click Tools, Add-Ins. The Add-Ins dialog box appears. 2 Check the checkboxes next to SolidWorks Simulation. If SolidWorks Simulation is not in the list, you need to install SolidWorks Simulation.

What is bonded contact in SolidWorks?

The program bonds the Set 1 and Set 2 (source and target) entities defined in the Contact Set PropertyManager. Bonded entities behave as if they were welded. This option is available for static, nonlinear, frequency, buckling, and thermal studies. The mesh does not have to be compatible.

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What is a foundation bolt SolidWorks?

SolidWorks Simulation can also simulate the behavior of a foundation bolt (or grounded bolt) that attaches a part to a virtual ground (which is infinitely stiff). These are used in situations like road sign or traffic light posts, where the bolts are embedded in the concrete pavement.

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