You asked: How do I move a SketchUp license?

How do I remove a SketchUp license from my computer?

How to I remove a Classic license from SketchUp?

  1. Select SketchUp > License (OSX) or Help > License (Windows)
  2. Click the link labeled “Remove License” – you will see a confirmation dialog.
  3. Click the Remove License button – your license will be removed.

Is SketchUp a floating license?

If you need to use SketchUp Pro on a computer that is not connected to the network, for example, a portable computer used for client presentations, you must use a Single-user license. Mac: The network licenses are stored on the local computers.

Can I install sketch on multiple computers?

Can I install Sketch on multiple computers? When you purchase Sketch, your license entitles you to use Sketch on one computer only. If you have multiple Macs, or people using Sketch, you can either purchase a volume license at a discount, or add more seats to an existing license key.

How do I manage activations in SketchUp?

At the bottom right of the SketchUp Pro product, you will find the ‘Manage devices’ button. So log out and then back in. Login Manage your Subscription to SketchUp. In the browser, go to and log in with the email address you used to purchase the subscription.

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Where is my SketchUp license?

To find your SketchUp Pro license information, please do the following: Launch SketchUp Pro. Browse to the Help menu at the top of your screen. Select License > License Info from the drop-down menu.

Where do I find my SketchUp license?

Finding Your License Information

  1. In SketchUp Pro, look up the serial number by selecting Help > License (Microsoft Windows) or SketchUp > License (Mac OS X).
  2. In the License area of the Welcome to SketchUp window that appears, copy the text in the Serial Number box.
  3. Go to the Resend License page.

How long does a SketchUp license last?

Download and install the new version of SketchUp Pro, authorize the license, and begin using the new version of SketchUp. After you authorize the new version, your old SketchUp license expires after 60 days.

Is there a perpetual license for SketchUp?

When you purchase a SketchUp Pro license, it is for “life’, or in other words, a perpetual license. Your license, it automatically comes with a year of maintenance and support included, and you will have the option of keeping it under maintenance and support each year.

Is SketchUp make 2017 free?

We still have SketchUp Make 2017 available for free download here. Be sure to download Make, not Pro, for the free version. This can be used on Mac or Windows OS for personal projects. It includes 30 days of Pro, after which the Pro features will turn off and you’ll have the free Make version.

How do I use a sketch license key?

Once installed, launch the Mac app, choose the Personal License tab, type in your License Key number into the pop-up and select register. Alternatively, launch the Mac app and link it to your license by selecting Sketch › Preferences › Account › Register now from the menu bar and entering your license key.

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How many devices can I use sketch on?

Hi, we allow our users to register +1 device. You can use your license key on both computers :) Hi, can you send us your license details to

How do I remove a device from sketch?

To delete an item or items from your sketch:

  1. In a sketch, tap the Modify icon ( ) to enter Modify Mode. …
  2. Now, select the item you wish to delete.
  3. Finally, press the Delete key on your keyboard to remove the selected item.

How do I set up a subscription in SketchUp?

Click on Plan Settings on the left lower menu of the Trimble Account management portal. Click the blue Edit Plan Settings link on whichever listed plan you wish to upgrade. After clicking Edit Plan Settings, Click on Manage Plan if you want to upgrade/downgrade all of the seats for that product.

How many users can use SketchUp Pro?

You should be able to use up to 2 devices at one time as long as you are only using one version of the program at a time. If you wish to transfer an application to a third computer or device, you should remove the serial number from the old computer before adding it to the application in a new location.

How do I cancel my SketchUp subscription?

You can cancel your subscription in your Account Management Portal. Note, this doesn’t apply to license-holders (with a serial number and auth code). To cancel auto-renew on a classic license, go to and turn auto-renew off.

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