Why can’t I save a Revit template?

How do I save a Revit template?

Revit – How To Save A Template

  1. Click File.
  2. Go to Save As.
  3. Choose Template.
  4. Choose a location and name and click Save.

Why is the Save As Template grayed out in Revit?

Causes: It is not possible to directly create a template from a file that is stored on the cloud.

How do I save a project as a template?

In the File Types section click Save Project as File. In the Templates section, click Project Template. In the File name box, type the template name. Make sure that Project Template appears in the Save as type box.

How do you create a template in Revit?

Create a Project Template

  1. On the Home page, under Models, click New. …
  2. In the New Project dialog, under Template file, select: …
  3. Under Create new, select Project template.
  4. Click OK. …
  5. Define settings.
  6. Create any geometry that will be used as a base in future projects.
  7. Click File tab Save.

Can you save a Revit project as template?

Revit does not allow template files to be directly saved as a project file (using the Save As command). The process for creating a project from a template would be to select to create a project (Ctrl+N) and specify the template to use for the new project.

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Where are Revit templates saved?

The default location for templates will be within the path C:ProgramDataAutodeskRVT ####Templates. Enable Hidden Items in File Explorer to see the ProgramData folder: View hidden files and folders in Windows. If the desired path does not exist, it can be set up in Windows explorer. If using a custom Revit.

Just needed to be in a 3D view. HI, You have to double click in view port and gray out option shall automatically activate in manage links.

How do I change the template in Revit?

Use this procedure to customize a panel schedule template.

  1. Click Manage tab Settings Panel Panel Schedule Templates Edit a Template.
  2. In the Edit a Template dialog, select the template type. The template type determines the option(s) in the Templates pane. …
  3. For Templates, select the template to edit and click Open.

What is the difference between project and project template in Revit?

RTE (template) files and RVT (project) files are actual Revit® projects. The difference between the two is that the template is used to start a new project. When you click on Save, you will not be allowed to overwrite the template file, but you will be prompted for a new file name and location.

What is a Revit template file?

Revit Template is a collection of professional grade Revit tools and BIM services to help jump start projects and optimize workflows so your firm can focus on business critical tasks.

How do I apply a template to an existing project in Revit?

Right click on the Families node in the project browser and select save. Direct to a specific folder and all of the families in the project are saves there. Then reload them into your template. If they are detail components you may also be able to transfer in the drafting view.

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