What does the sweep feature do in Fusion 360?

What does the sweep tool in Fusion 360 do?

Use the Sweep command to extrude a profile along a path to create a solid body in Fusion 360.

What does the sweep tool do?

The Sweep tool is a type of extrusion tool. Unlike the Extrude tool, though, you can guide the extrusion of a profile along a custom line or spine through multiple planes. You can create complex bodies such as pipe systems, cables, wires, etc., with a simple 2D shape and a spine in a controlled environment.

What is Sweep feature?

Sweep features are defined by using custom 2D cross-section (or face) moved along a pre-set path to create a 3D shape or surface. With the sweep method, the user defines a 2-D or 3-D guide curve, in addition to creating the cross-section.

What is loft in fusion?

Learn how to use the Loft command to create a smooth T-Spline body that transitions between two or more sketch profiles or faces in Fusion 360. In the Design workspace, Form contextual environment, select Create > Loft . The Loft dialog displays.

How do you make a rib in Fusion 360?

Create a rib

  1. On the toolbar, click Solid > Create > Rib . …
  2. In the canvas, select an open sketch profile to use as the Profile.
  3. In the dialog, select a Thickness Direction: …
  4. Select a Start option: …
  5. Specify the Thickness value to extrude the rib, perpendicular to the sketch plane:
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How do you use sweep in Inventor?

Sweep a Profile Along a Path

  1. Sketch a profile and path on intersecting planes. …
  2. Click 3D Model tab Create panel Sweep . …
  3. In the Sweep dialog box, click Profile and then select the profile to sweep. …
  4. With the Path selection tool, select a 2D sketch, 3D sketch, or edges of geometry.

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