What does publish do in BIM 360?

What does publishing a Revit model do?

Publish workshared or non-workshared Revit models to the cloud so other team members who don’t have Revit can view, search, and work with the cloud models. When you publish a model, by default only the 3D default view and sheets are published.

How do I publish my BIM 360 model?

Click Collaborate tab Manage Models panel (Manage Cloud Models). Select a BIM 360 project. From that project, select a model from the list and click (Publish Latest) to publish the latest version of that model. Click Publish to confirm.

How long does it take to publish to BIM 360?

The upload process is fast, but the extraction on the BIM 360 Document Management or Design Collaboration site takes several hours. Publishing or extraction potentially fails after a long time (>18 hours).

What is publish model?

Traditional Publishing Model

Scholars who design and conduct research as well as write articles and create other works pertaining to the research. Scholars who provide peer-review of the research. Publishers who provide vetting services, editorial services, and distribution.

How do I schedule a Revit publish?

For control of Sheets or views that will publish up to the cloud , this is done through Publish sets within the Revit “Publish Settings” under the Collaborate Tab.


  1. Go to Project Admin – Services – Design Collaboration – Teams.
  2. Select a team by checking the checkbox.
  3. Click “Schedule Publish”
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What does consumed mean in BIM 360?

The Consumed folder within BIM360 Design is a temporary holding area for linking in 3rd party models. For example, an Architect will have a Consumed folder and the Structural Engineer will have their own separate Consumed folder.

How do I package a Revit model?

On the eTransmit panel of the Add-Ins tab, click Transmit a model. Choose the model(s) to transmit: Click Browse Model, and navigate to the location of the Revit model you want to transmit. Click Browse folders, and navigate to the folder that contains the Revit models you want to transmit.

What is BIM 360 design collaboration?

Design Collaboration is a BIM 360 module that dramatically improves multi-firm project teams’ ability to meet the demands of a modern construction project. Each project requires unique approaches, and has different dynamics between the teams tasked with delivering on time and on budget.

How do I share a Revit model on BIM 360?

To share using this method:

  1. Publish your models from Revit to BIM 360 using Revit Cloud Worksharing.
  2. Use the Design Collaboration module to create a package and share your models with other teams.
  3. Other teams choose to consume the shared models.
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