What does future version file mean in Solidworks?

Can you open future version SOLIDWORKS file?

You can open SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies using Service Pack 5 of the previous release. For example, in SOLIDWORKS 2018 Service Pack 5, you can open SOLIDWORKS 2019 files. Version interoperability is only supported between consecutive releases.

Can you open a SOLIDWORKS 2021 file in 2020?

The Previous Release Interoperability functionality allows 2021 parts and assemblies to be opened in SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP5, with limited functionality.

When a drawing is created of a future version part or assembly is it possible to insert model items or access FeatureManager data such as cut lists?

You cannot: Insert model items. Access FeatureManager design tree data such as weldment cut lists and weld beads.

How do you tell what version of SOLIDWORKS a file is?

You can access the file version from SOLIDWORKS Explorer, Enterprise PDM file properties, and from File > Properties in an open SOLIDWORKS document. The version is also visible in the Details pane in Windows Explorer when you select a SOLIDWORKS document.

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Can I save SOLIDWORKS file as older version?

A model from an earlier version of SOLIDWORKS is automatically converted to the newer version of SOLIDWORKS when you save it. You cannot do a save as to an earlier version, and you cannot open the newer version with an older version of SOLIDWORKS, with one exception.

How do I upgrade to new version of SOLIDWORKS?

In SOLIDWORKS, click > Check for Updates. In Windows, click Start > SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager > Check for Updates.

What is the latest version of SOLIDWORKS?

Dassault Systèmes has introduced SOLIDWORKS 2022, the latest release of its portfolio of 3D design and engineering applications used by millions of innovators worldwide.

How do I view SOLIDWORKS files online?

Anyone with access to a PC–or even a Mac–will be able to view AutoCAD®, DWG and DXF files, as well as native SolidWorks parts, assemblies, and drawings. Downloading eDrawings Viewer is easy and painless. Just visit the eDrawings Viewer homepage, find the appropriate version for your needs, and click Download Now.

What is the latest service pack for SOLIDWORKS 2020?

Service Pack 5.0

Microsoft SQL Server® 2019 is supported beginning with SOLIDWORKS 2020 and SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020.

How do I open a previous version in an old version of SOLIDWORKS?

The other way to open is save your file in . stp/. step format and open it in 2017 version.

To set the STEP export options:

  1. Click File > Save As.
  2. Select a STEP file type for Save as type, then click Options.
  3. Select from the options described below, then click OK.
  4. Click Save to export the document.
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Are SOLIDWORKS files backwards compatible?

Files saved in SOLIDWORKS 2021 are not backwards compatible with earlier versions. Files saved in earlier versions of SOLIDWORKS can be opened and reviewed with later versions.

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