What 3D files are compatible with Revit?

What files are compatible with Revit?

Besides the native Revit file formats, Revit supports several proprietary and open-source computer-aided design (CAD) formats as well:

  • CAD formats such as DWF, DWG, IFC, DGN, SAT.
  • Image formats such as JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP.
  • Other common formats such as HTML, TXT, gbXML, ODBC.

Can you import 3D models into Revit?

When importing a 3D shape into a project, you select its Revit category from the list of supported categories. See About Family Categories. When you import a 3D shape into a family, the shape assumes the category of the family. If needed, you can place connectors on the shape so it can be used as part of an MEP system.

Can Revit use OBJ files?

You can import OBJ in FormIt, save as FormIt file, then Import in Revit.

Does Revit support STL files?

STL File Support

Now Revit also supports importing STL files.

Can you import AutoCAD into Revit?

Click Insert tab Import panel (Import CAD). In the dialog, for Files of type, select the desired file type. Navigate to the folder that contains the file to import, and select the file. Tip: Make sure you import the geometric data needed for the Revit capability that you plan to use.

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What format is a Revit file?

A file with . rvt extension is Autodesk’s proprietary format for Revit files. Revit is a building information modeling (BIM) program by Autodesk that is used to create 3D building designs for floor plans, elevations and sections.

How do I connect AutoCAD 3D to Revit?

Open Revit and start a new Conceptual Mass. Go to Insert, and then click the Import CAD button. A dialogue window appears. Find your file from Autocad, make sure the import settings are as you want them (the ones I used are shown below), then click Open.

Can you import a STP file into Revit?

Import STP file in AutoCAD and save as DWG. Link the DWG in Revit. When you get the updated STP, just re-import to the same DWG and the link in Revit will be updated.

How do I import a STL file into Revit?

To Import DXF, OBJ, STL, Revit, DWF, and IDF Files

  1. To import to a new file select: File Open Import CAD Formats. Get Started tab Launch panel Import CAD Formats.
  2. To import into a part file select: Manage tab Insert panel Import. …
  3. To import into an assembly, select Assemble tab Component panel Place Imported CAD.

How do I open a 3D object in Revit?

To import into a part file select:

  1. Manage tab Insert panel Import.
  2. 3D Model tab Create panel Import.

How do I import Max files into Revit?

Follow instructions about importing 3ds Max data in Revit by converting it into a Revit family:

  1. Save the 3ds Max elements as a DWG file.
  2. Optionally, open the DWG file in AutoCAD and assign additional layers to the individual elements.
  3. Open a Revit family template.
  4. Go to the Insert tab and select Import CAD.
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How do I convert Revit to SketchUp?

Details: Uses Revit’s built-in DWG export feature.

  1. From the file menu, go to export > options > exports setups dwg/dxf. Click on the solids tab, and select ACIS solids.
  2. Hit OK, and return to the export menu > CAD formats > DWG. …
  3. Import the model into SketchUp Pro.

How do I export OBJ to Revit?

Export OBJ Files from Revit

Download the plugin and install it. Run Revit. Go to SimLab Tab and find OBJ Exporter Tab as shown in the image. To obtain a trial license, open settings then follow the steps shown here.

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