Quick Answer: How does Solidworks PDM Vault work?

How does Solidworks PDM work?

SOLIDWORKS PDM manages all file references and automatically updates them whenever you move a file to a different folder or rename it, eliminating broken references or the time required to locate and fix lost references manually. Quickly locate and reuse existing design data to save time and control costs.

What is Vault PDM?

Vault product data management (PDM) software integrates with Autodesk design tools and other CAD systems to keep everyone working from a central source of organized data. Use Vault to increase collaboration and streamline workflows across engineering, manufacturing, and extended teams.

Where does Solidworks PDM save files?

Data is stored in a central archive called a file vault, which can be regularly backed up and shared by the whole product team. To access files, you create a working folder on your local computer called a file vault view.

How do I access PDM vault in Solidworks?

The View Setup is found by going to the Start Menu > SOLIDWORKS PDM > View Setup.

  1. SOLIDWORKS PDM View Setup. Screen 1: Welcome. …
  2. Welcome dialog. Screen 2: Select Servers. …
  3. Select Servers. …
  4. Connected Server. …
  5. Select Vaults. …
  6. Select Location. …
  7. Finish Process.
  8. SOLIDWORKS PDM view setup complete.
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Does solidworks professional come with PDM?

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium packages and can be upgraded to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional as your team grows.

What is the difference between PLM and PDM?

While PDM focuses on managing design data as it relates to product development processes, PLM centers on reengineering product development and manufacturing processes as they relate to product lifecycles.

What is the new vault in 2021?

Vault 2021 introduces an enhanced CAD user experience by adding significant usability improvements, supporting interoperability between Inventor and Revit, more efficiency for administrators by allowing more granularity within the security model, minimizing downtime during deployment and maintenance, and smart …

Is vault basic free?

Vault Basic is included with subscription to the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection and not sold separately.

What does a GREY folder mean in PDM?

Gray Folders and Files

These gray folders indicate that a local folder existed in your local Vault View but not in the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault itself. SOLIDWORKS PDM grabs and caches copies of folders and files locally as users browse and work with files in the vault.

How do I add files to my PDM vault?

Adding Referenced Files to the Vault

  1. Click Add Files to Vault (toolbar).
  2. In the Add Files to Vault dialog box, select the folder to add the file to.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Ensure that the file is being added to the correct location and click Finish.
  5. In the verification message, click OK.

How do I delete local files from PDM?

To remove local files during check in:

  1. Select the files to check in and click Actions > Check In .
  2. In the Check in dialog box, under Remove Local Copy, select the files to remove from the working folder.
  3. Click Check in. Files that are selected under Check In are checked into the vault.
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How do I find PDM vault?

Searching with the SOLIDWORKS PDM Search Tool

  1. In the bottom left pane, under Search in Vaults, select the vaults to search. …
  2. In the top left pane, expand a vault to see the searches and favorites available, and select a search.

How do I access PDM vault?

To access files, you create a working folder on your local computer called a file vault view. Logging in to the file vault view lets you access files for which you have permissions. You check files out to edit them, so that no one else can make changes, though other users can still view and copy the files.

How do I add a PDM vault in SOLIDWORKS?

Creating a Vault View

  1. On the Windows Start menu, click All Programs > SOLIDWORKS PDM > View Setup .
  2. On the Welcome screen, click Next.
  3. On the Select servers screen, select archive servers from the list and click Next . …
  4. On the Select vaults screen, select vaults from the list, and click Next.
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