Quick Answer: How do I turn off grid in CATIA?

How do I turn on the grid in CATIA v5?

To display the Grid in the Sketcher session, just click Grid in the Sketch tools toolbar. The grid is displayed.

How do I change the grid size in CATIA?

To change the size of the reference planes in CATIA, go to Tools menu > Options. In the Options dialog box under Infrastructure > Part Infrastructure, click on the Display tab. Under Display in Geometry Area the size of the planes is controlled by the scroll bar next to the Axis system display size (in mm) field.

What is the default primary spacing for grid in CATIA?

For Primary Spacing enter 50 mm and for Graduations enter 5 mm. Primary Spacing refers to the bold lines in the grid.

How do I get rid of the grid in sketch?

To remove it completely, drag it right towards the Layer List or Inspector until your cursor changes. You’ll see that the guide disappears. To remove all of your guides together, Control-Click one of the rulers and select Remove All Vertical Guides or Remove All Horizontal Guides, respectively.

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What is Sketcher workbench in CATIA?

The Sketcher Workbench is utilized to make 2D geometries planned for use in the Part Design Workbench and different workbenches.

How do you draw a construction element in CATIA?

Click Standard/Construction from the Sketch tools toolbar so that the elements you are now going to create be either standard or construction element.

How do I change dimension units in Catia V5?

Editing Dimension Value Properties

  1. Select a dimension (whatever the type) on the CATDrawing you opened.
  2. Select the Edit-> Properties command and click the Value tab. …
  3. If needed, click the More switch.
  4. If needed, modify the available options. …
  5. Click OK.

What are the default units of length in Catia?

Catia V5 allows you to set a default unit for a given magnitude. For example, you can set a Meter (m), Centimeter (cm), Kilometer (km), Millimeter (mm), Inch (in), Foot (ft)… unit for a Length magnitude. For more information on the available Units, refer to the the Units chapter in the Infrastructure User’s Guide.

How do I use smart move in Catia v5?

Click the Smart Move icon and expand the Smart Move dialog box, including the viewer that appears.

  1. The Viewer frame: this window appears only if you pre-select the components affected to perform the smart move. …
  2. The Automatic constraint creation option allows you to create constraints to keep the move operation.

Where is the construction standard element in Catia?

Click Construction/Standard Element from the Sketch tools toolbar.

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