Quick Answer: Can you open Sat file in Solidworks?

What programs can open Sat Files?

You can open a SAT file in a variety of different CAD programs, including Spatial 3D ACIS Modeler (multiplatform), Autodesk AutoCAD (Windows, Mac), IMSI TurboCAD (Windows, Mac), and Autodesk Fusion 360 (multiplatform).

What File types can you open in SOLIDWORKS?

SolidWorks is a CAD software developed by Dassault Systèmes. SolidWorks supported native or neutral formats are IGES, DXF, DWG, STEP, ACIS, STL, Parasolid, PDF, VDA.

Can AutoCAD read SAT Files?

Autodesk products will only read up to ACIS v7 (*. sat) files. Open the file in Notepad and the header will tell you the ACIS version (or attach the sat file here). You can also use the acisin command rather than import.

What Files can SOLIDWORKS 2020 Open?

Adobe Photoshop (*.psd) Files

psd) files and save SOLIDWORKS data (sketches, parts, assemblies, and drawings) as Adobe Photoshop files. SOLIDWORKS data saved as Adobe Portable Document Format (. pdf) files are also accepted in Photoshop.

What is a SAT file SOLIDWORKS?

SOLIDWORKS supports import of generic named attributes (integer, position, real, string, and vector) associated with bodies and faces from ACIS (. sat) files. These attributes are displayed as features in the FeatureManager design tree.

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What is a SAT file used for?

It’s used to exchange 3D data between multiple systems and is saved in Spatial’s ACIS solid modeling format. SAT files are used in the computer-aided design industries, as well as shipbuilding, 3D animation, computer-aided engineering, and more.

Can SOLIDWORKS Open BIM files?

SOLIDWORKS can export files to other BIM formats such as IFC (for ArchiCAD) and ACIS (. sat) by selecting File > Save As, then select the file type in the dropdown menu.

What are SOLIDWORKS files called?

SolidWorks files (previous to version 2015) use the Microsoft Structured Storage file format. This means that there are various files embedded within each SLDDRW (drawing files), SLDPRT (part files), SLDASM (assembly files) file, including preview bitmaps and metadata sub-files.

Can SOLIDWORKS import Catia files?

SOLIDWORKS imports the CATIA V5 file. You can save an imported CATPart file as a SOLIDWORKS part file, and an imported CATProduct file as a SOLIDWORKS assembly.

Can SketchUp Open Sat files?

sat files and a format that SketchUp can import.

Can FreeCAD Open Sat files?

As Inventor files contains a complete ACIS model representation, SAT and SAB files can also be imported into FreeCAD. As Fusion360 files contains a complete ACIS model representation these files can also be opened in FreeCAD.

What file types can SOLIDWORKS export?

You can export SOLIDWORKS part, assembly, and drawing documents as Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) files and part and assembly documents as 3D PDF. You can save SOLIDWORKS files as *. png files.

How do I open a Solid Edge file in SOLIDWORKS?

To open a Solid Edge part or assembly:

  1. Click File > Open.
  2. Set Files of type to one of the following: Solid Edge Part (*. par, *. psm) Solid Edge Assembly (*. asm)
  3. Browse to a file, and click Open. Solid Edge files store data only in metric units so SOLIDWORKS always reads Solid Edge files in metric units.
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What is .iges file?

What is an IGES file? The IGES drawing file saves vector image data to transfer 2D and 3D information between different CAD applications. Manufacturers and designers use CAD to help plan, price, and specify construction and design projects details.

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