Question: How do I restore my Onshape?

How do I restore my Onshape history?

You are able to, of course, restore a workspace and then create a version of the restored workspace. to open the Versions and history panel. Click the > arrow next to Changes in the list. Right-click the change entry and select Restore to, to restore the workspace to that moment in the document’s history.

How do I restore my Onshape version?

To restore from a version, open the history/versions flyout and click on the gear for the version you want. There will be an option ‘Restore’ which will put your current workspace back to the state of version.

How do I restore deleted Onshape studio?

Go to the Versions and History flyout (2nd icon to the right of the Onshape logo, top left). Find the entry where you deleted the tab, right-click the entry below it and select restore.

How do I update my Onshape?

Using the Reference manager

To open the Reference manager, click on a version or triangle icon next to a top-level instance in the assembly. Alternatively, you can click the Update all button to open the Reference manager for the assembly.

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How do I check my history Onshape?

Viewing Revision History and Obsoleting Parts

  1. Right-click the part or tab. …
  2. Select Revision history. …
  3. This dialog lists all the revisions of the selected part or object. …
  4. You can click View release to open the Review release dialog, described in Reviewing, Approving, Rejecting Candidates.

Are Onshape files public?

Private – Owned, visible and editable only by you. Shared – Private documents that you enable other users to view, edit, or edit and share. Public – Documents you make available for viewing and copying by all Onshape users.

How do you branch Onshape?

Creating more workspaces: branching

Once you have a version, you can create a branch from that version. Right-click on the version in the Versions and history graph and select Branch to create workspace. Type in a name and description for the new workspace and click Create.

How do you make a branch on Onshape?

To create a branch of a document:

  1. Access the Version manager.
  2. Tap to select the version from which to create a branch:
  3. Tap the Branch icon:
  4. Add a name and description for the branch, and then select Create.
  5. The newly created branch appears in the Version manager.

How do I uninstall Onshape?

There is no way to remove a version. BUT if you create a copy of a document, it will start back at main again and clear the version data in the new document.

Can features be repositioned in the feature list?

Reorder features – Tap the Reorder features icon in the upper right corner of the dialog then touch and drag a feature or sketch name in the list to parametrically reorder them.

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Where can you adjust view manipulation settings?

To change these settings, select “Manage account” under your user name in the top right corner. Select “Preferences,” from the list on the left. Here you will find options for “View manipulation.” You can set rotate, pan, and zoom settings to match SolidWorks, NX 10, Creo, and AutoCAD.

How do you update a drawing if you make a change in a part studio?

Right-click the drawing view. On the shortcut menu, click Update View. Note: The Update View command is only available after you open a part, sheet metal or assembly document in the Draft environment.

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