How do you use the coordinate system in Solidworks?

How do you enter a coordinate system in SOLIDWORKS?

To create a coordinate system:

  1. Click Coordinate System (Reference Geometry toolbar) or Insert > Reference Geometry > Coordinate System .
  2. Use the Coordinate System PropertyManager to create the coordinate system. You can amend your selections: …
  3. Click .

What is coordinate system in SOLIDWORKS?

You can define a coordinate system for a part or assembly. Coordinate systems are useful: With the Measure and Mass Properties tools. When exporting SOLIDWORKS documents to IGES, STL, ACIS, STEP, Parasolid, VRML, and VDA.

How do you use a coordinate system?

To find out the coordinates of a point in the coordinate system you do the opposite. Begin at the point and follow a vertical line either up or down to the x-axis. There is your x-coordinate. And then do the same but following a horizontal line to find the y-coordinate.

Why we use coordinate system?

Coordinates systems are often used to specify the position of a point, but they may also be used to specify the position of more complex figures such as lines, planes, circles or spheres. For example, Plücker coordinates are used to determine the position of a line in space.

What are the two types of coordinates?

Types of Coordinate Systems – Cartesian & Polar Coordinate Systems.

How do you show coordinate systems in Creo?

Click Sketch > Coordinate System in the Datum group. A geometry coordinate system appears at the tip of your pointer.

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What is coordinate system in Creo?

Creo Simulate associates user coordinate systems with the current body. • Nodal coordinate system—The coordinate system of each of the nodes of the component or assembly used for orientation. The selected nodes are oriented for nodal displacement.

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