How do you set the view to clip a plane in rhino?

How do you set the view to clipping a plane?

To set camera clipping planes,

  1. Right-click in the viewport and select Viewport Properties. …
  2. Click Camera in the Clip Planes section.
  3. Click the Front checkbox to enable the front Camera clipping plane.
  4. Click in the viewport to position the front clipping plane.

How do you hide the clipping plane in rhino?

To turn off the clip plane, simply un-check View Clipping.

What are clipping planes?

Near and far clipping planes are imaginary planes located at two particular distances from the camera along the camera’s sight line. They determine how much of a scene is seen by the camera in the viewport. Only objects between a camera’s two clipping planes are rendered in that camera’s view.

What is a clipping plane Rhino?

The ClippingPlane command creates a clipping plane object that represents a plane for visibly clipping away geometry in a specific viewport. Your browser does not support the video tag. Draw a rectangle to represent the clipping plane.

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