How do you remove constraints Onshape?

How do you change constraints on Onshape?

With Onshape, you have many different constraints to choose from to help define your design intent. You will find the constraints in Onshape on the far right of the sketch toolbar: To add a constraint, simply select the entities you want to constrain and the constraint type.

How do you fully constrain a sketch in Onshape?

Apply constraints to sketch entities

  1. Click Sketch to select the Sketch tool in the toolbar.
  2. Select a plane. …
  3. Click. …
  4. Click in the graphics area to set the center of the circle.
  5. Move the cursor away from the first point and click again to set the diameter of the circle.

Why are my lines Blue in Onshape?

Blue means under-constrained. Black means fully constrained.

How can you remove a constraint quizlet?

Applied geometric constraints can be removed by selecting the constraint flag and then pressing the Delete key on the keyboard.

What does the coincident constraint do?

The Coincident constraint causes two points to be constrained together, or causes one point to lie on a curve. In a 3D sketch, a coincident constraint can also cause points and lines to be constrained to surfaces.

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What is constraint in drawing?

By applying constraints, you can control the location, size, distance, angle, and other parameters of objects in a drawing. As a result, you can identify and maintain specifications in a project. There are two types of constraints: Geometric constraints control the relationships of objects with respect to each other.

How do you know if you’ve fully constrained a feature in a CAD sketch?

A sketch is fully constrained when the size and position of all sketch geometry is completely defined.

What is a Pierce constraint in Onshape?

Pierce: iOS and Android. Constrain a sketch entity (point or curve) to be coincident with the intersection point of its sketch plane and an arbitrary curve that is not in its sketch plane.

What do red lines represent on Onshape?

The red lines indicate the edges that are preventing the shell feature from solving. If you can make your document public and reply with the url someone from the community may be able to take a look and help!

How do you remove Blue lines from Onshape?

Just toggle the visibility with the eye next to that sketch. If it’s not that, then try clearing your browser cache by holding the Shift key and clicking the browser tab refresh button.

How do you make black Onshape sketches?

Best Answer. @john_smith077 , You have to give dimension for conversion from under-defined line (Blue) to fully- defined line (Black). If you do not want to give dimension then apply fix constrain to line then it will convert into black color. Currently in Onshape user can not change property of line.

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