How do I move a group in Freecad?

How do you move parts in Freecad?

Select a object to be moved and select “Transform” on right-click menu. Arrows and spheres appear for each direction X, Y, Z on 3D view. If you want to translate the object, drag an arrow. If you want to rotate the object, drag a sphere.

How do you shift a workbench into drafting?


  1. Press the. Draft Move button.
  2. Select the Modification → Move option from the menu.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut: M then V.

How do you move an object?

Move an object

  1. Position the pointer over the object until the pointer changes to the Move pointer . Note: If you’re moving a text box, position the mouse pointer over the boundary of the text box.
  2. Drag the object to the new position. To drag the object in a straight line, hold down SHIFT while dragging the object.

How do you navigate Freecad?

Gesture navigation

Press the left mouse button over an object you want to select. Hold the right mouse button, then move the pointer. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Hold the left mouse button, then move the pointer.

How do I select multiple items in FreeCAD?

Select any complex object, for example, a PartDesign Body or Std Part, then in the selection view select again the object, and then press Ctrl + C in the keyboard to open the Object selection dialog. This allows copying the selected object together with all or only some of that object’s dependency objects.

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How do I edit STL files in FreeCAD?

Step 1: Open STL file and convert it to solid model

  1. Open FreeCAD and create a new document by clicking on File > New.
  2. Click File > Import and select the object you want to modify. …
  3. Change your workbench to Part.
  4. Select the imported object in the Model window. …
  5. Now click on Part > Create shape from mesh.

What is a group in FreeCAD?

Description. Std Group (internally called App DocumentObjectGroup) is a general purpose container that allows you to group different types of objects in the Tree view, regardless of their data type. It is used as a simple folder to categorize and organize the objects in your model, in order to keep a logical structure.

How do you ungroup objects in FreeCAD?

Select the Utilities →

Select Ungroup to move the objects out of the group(s) they are in. Select the group you want to move the objects to.

Does FreeCAD have layers?

There is no layer in FreeCAD, but there are groups. Groups offer a similar way to organize the objects of your files, but don’t have specific properties, like AutoCAD layers, that apply to their contents. But they can be placed inside other groups, which is very handy.

What is draft workbench in FreeCAD?

Draft Workbench is primarily focused on the creation and modification of 2D objects in FreeCAD. But it is not restricted to the XY plane of the global coordinate system. Its objects can have any orientation and position in 3D space, and some Draft objects can either be planar or non-planar.

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