How do I enable design mode in Catia?

What is design mode in Catia?

* The design mode: You work with the original documents and all the CATpart documents are loaded. * The visualisation mode:In this mode a Catia Graphical Representations or CGR format is used to create a visualisation of the CATparts within the Product. Only the CATParts documents needed are loaded.

How do I enable visualization mode in Catia v5?

the command Edit > Representation > Design Mode in the file-menu. or select Representations > Design Mode from the contextual menu. or click the icon Design Mode .

How do I disable hybrid designs in Catia?

From the Infrastructure category, select the Part Infrastructure sub-category in the left-hand box. Click the Part Document tab and go to the Hybrid Design category. Just deselect E nable hybrid design inside part bodies and bodies which is the default option. You can now work in a non-hybrid design environment.

How do I change resolution in Catia?

To change the resolution, you just need to go back to Control Panel -> Display -> Setting. Change the resolution as needed, and you should be good to go.

Where are Catia settings stored?

Each user settings for CATIA application are stored in User Settings path folder. As deleting all of the user setting files in each user’s User Setting path folder, the settings for CATIA are initialized and set as deault.

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What is occlusion culling in Catia?

The basic concept of Occlusion Culling is a technique that does not render objects that are behind other objects (obscure from other objects view). Another note is that this technique is supported by CATIA multi-threaded processing.

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