How do I change the project address in Revit?

How do I edit project properties in Revit?

To modify the type properties, click Modify tab Properties panel (Type Properties). When you open the Family Editor, the palette displays family parameters by default. Review and modify properties of an element or view instance. Review and modify properties of an element or view type.

How do you add a project parameter in Revit?


  1. Go to Manage > Project Parameters.
  2. In the new window click “Add”.
  3. When the new dialog box opens type the name of the parameter you want to add.
  4. Choose the type of parameter needed. …
  5. Choose where to group the parameter. …
  6. Select Instance or Type for the parameter.

How do you change origin points in Revit?

Display Coordinate Origin Points

  1. Open the desired view.
  2. Click View tab Graphics panel (Visibility/Graphics).
  3. On the Model Categories tab of the Visibility/Graphics dialog, scroll down to Site, and expand it.
  4. To display the project base point, select Project Base Point.
  5. To display the survey point, select Survey Point.

How do you add a project in Revit?

Specify Project Information

  1. Click Manage tab Settings panel Project Information.
  2. In the Project Information dialog, specify the following: Organization Name. Organization Description. Building Name. Author. Energy Settings. Specifies parameters for energy analysis and export to gbXML. …
  3. Click OK.
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How do I change the project browser in Revit?

Edit an Organization Scheme for the Project Browser

  1. Click View tab Windows panel User Interface drop-down (Browser Organization).
  2. In the Browser Organization dialog, click the tab for the desired list: Views, Sheets, or Schedules.
  3. Select an organization scheme.
  4. To rename the organization scheme, click Rename.

How do I reset the User Interface in Revit?

Try cleanly uninstalling Revit, and then reinstalling: How to Complete a Clean Uninstall of Revit products.

Reset Utility

  1. Download the attached ResetUI Batch utility (ZIP file)
  2. Extract the ZIP file.
  3. Run the BAT file (ResetUI) for the Revit version you want to reset (review included Readme. txt for more details).
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