How do I activate DraftSight?

How do I activate my DraftSight license?

In the computer where the License is active, Go to the Help menu > Deactivate DraftSight. Once the License is released, you will be able to activate the License on any computer to your convenience.

How do I activate DraftSight for free?

Here’s a step-by-step on how to access the full free version of DraftSight 2021:

  1. Go to the DraftSight free trial page.
  2. Enter your information and agree to the privacy policy, then click “Start Free Trial”
  3. Click the download button for Windows or Mac.
  4. Open the downloaded file to begin the installation process.

How do I activate DraftSight 2019?

To activate a standard:

  1. Click Standards (Toolbox toolbar) or Toolbox > Standards.
  2. In the dialog box, select a standard from the Basic standards or Custom standards list.
  3. Click Activate. The standard appears as the Active standard.
  4. Click Close.

Can you transfer DraftSight license to another computer?

You can transfer one license from one machine to another, but you will need to deactivate the license on the current machine before attempting to reactivate on a new machine and there are limits to how often you can do this.

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How do I activate DraftSight 2020?

Enter admin username and password, or if you have the admin rights, this message won’t display. After the installation is successfully completed, once clicking on the DraftSight icon under the Application menu, you will be asked to activate DraftSight. Click on Activate Now to activate and start the product.

How can I purchase a license of DraftSight standard professional or premium?

You can visit to purchase DraftSight Standard, Professional, and Premium, which are 12-month term licensing only.

Is DraftSight still free?

All free versions of DraftSight® ceased to run on 12/31/19. Upgrade now or start a free 30-day trial today.

Can DraftSight open DWG files?

In addition to the . dwg file format, DraftSight can also read and save . dxf files. Like many other products, DraftSight utilizes libraries from the Open Design Alliance (ODA) for its DWG file format support.

Is DraftSight 2018 still free?

According to DraftSight: If you are using a free version of DraftSight, you may continue to use DraftSight 2018 or previous versions until December 31, 2019. All free versions of DraftSight will cease to run after December 31, 2019.

How do I activate DraftSight 2018?

Check Latest Release version of DraftSight.

How to Activate DraftSight?

  1. On Installation window default ‘Stand-alone License’ option is selected. …
  2. Accept the terms in the license agreement and click on ‘Install’
  3. Once you finish the Installation then following window will pop up.

How do I renew DraftSight?

You’re able to upgrade at any time to DraftSight Premium by purchasing a new subscription online, or to DraftSight Enterprise and Enterprise Plus by contacting your reseller to purchase (subscription or non-subscription). At this time we do not offer downgrade ability. Visit to upgrade.

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Can solidworks be installed on two computers?

If you are installing SOLIDWORKS on multiple computers, you can create an administrative image and then deploy the application to other computers.

Is DraftSight 2019 free?

For users who have so far used the free version of DraftSight or another program, switching to one of the new packages will not require additional learning, but only learning the new features. DraftSight is a necessary solution for most companies, but how do you recognize the need for a program?

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