Frequent question: Is there a mobile app for SketchUp?

Is there a SketchUp app for iPhone?

When using SketchUp on your iPad and iPhone without a paid subscription, you are still able to explore and present your 3D projects for FREE; here’s how: -Navigate your projects using intuitive multi-touch gestures. -View your projects from any of the standard views or custom scenes.

Is there a free SketchUp Viewer?

Mobile App

View SketchUp models from your phone or tablet for free. Explore projects using multi-touch gestures, take measurements, control model visibility, and merge your models with the world around you in AR mode.

Does SketchUp have app store?

And now you can bring your SketchUp models to your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, using free Glovius for iOS and Glovius for Android apps. Carry your SketchUp portfolio in your pocket and showcase your designs on the go.

Does SketchUp work on iPad?

Create, edit, and mark up 3D projects anywhere with SketchUp for iPad. Start a free 7-day trial, or access the app with any paid SketchUp subscription. Use the camera on your iPad to scan the QR code.

Is SketchUp Viewer the same as SketchUp?

With SketchUp Desktop Viewer, anyone can view and print models created in SketchUp. SketchUp Desktop Viewer is a free download that’s great for viewing models on computers that don’t have or need a full version of SketchUp.

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How do I get SketchUp on my iPad?

In your iPad, tap the *. skp SketchUp file and choose SketchUp Viewer app from the list.

How do I open SketchUp online?

To open SketchUp model stored on your computer, follow these steps: Go to the Home tab, by clicking the ‘hamburger’ menu icon in the very top left of your screen. (The Home tab is also the first screen that loads when you start up SketchUp for Web). Click the Open button, and select ‘My computer’

Is SketchUp still owned by Google?

3D modelling tool SketchUp is no longer a part of Google, as the company has sold the business to Trimble Navigation. The deal includes both the team members and the technology at SketchUp, which will be used to enhance Trimble’s range of navigation, surveying, and mapping equipment.

Is there a SketchUp app for Android?

SketchUp is not available for Android but there are some alternatives with similar functionality. The best Android alternative is Autodesk AutoCAD. It’s not free, so if you’re looking for a free alternative, you could try Dead Deer or Ecogarden Design.

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