Frequent question: Is there a measure tool in Revit?

Can you Measure in Revit viewer?

The 3DMeasure tool is a plugin for Autodesk® Revit® which allows you to measure in a 3D view by selecting 2 points or an existing edge.

Why won’t my dimensions show up in Revit?

Causes: This can occur for multiple reasons: Multiple elements are selected. If it takes more than 200 milliseconds for Revit to calculate the temporary dimensions, when selecting an element, then to maintain good performance Revit will abort this calculation and the temporary dimensions will not be displayed.

How do you measure a curve in Revit?

Add an Arc Length Dimension

  1. Click Annotate tab Dimension panel (Arc Length).
  2. On the Options Bar, select a snap option. …
  3. Place the cursor on the arc, and click to select the radial point.
  4. Select the end points of the arc, and move the cursor up and away from the arc. …
  5. Click to place the arc length dimension.

Can you measure in Autodesk viewer?

You can measure angles and you can calibrate the model by specifying a distance between 2 points that you have specified. The measurement tool can be either Metric or Imperial and once again you are not restricted by inches or mm but you can go to feet, cm and meters.

How do you create a polyline in Revit?

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  1. 1.In the “Modify” tab, create a new “Region” and call it Polyline.
  2. In the “Edit Type” properties pallet, select “,No pattern>
  3. Uncheck “Masking”
  4. Click “Ok”
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