Frequent question: How do I open an Onshape file?

How do I open an Onshape step file?


  1. In a document, open the Create Tab menu and select “Import…”.
  2. Select where you want to import the file from: Import Files, Import from Camera, Import from Photo Library. …
  3. The imported file will appear as a tab within your document. …
  4. The imported file appears as the appropriate tab(s) in your document.

How do I convert my Onshape to PDF?

You can export Onshape drawings to the following file types: PDF.

  1. Right-click on the Drawing tab.
  2. Select Export.
  3. Specify a name for the export file.
  4. Select the desired export format.
  5. Select the version and sheets, as appropriate. …
  6. Choose how to treat overridden dimensions: Show underlines or Hide underlines.

How do I download an Onshape project?

Tap the menu icon next to the tab and tap Download. Download copies the file in its current format to your local machine, giving it the same name and file type. You are able to import and download any non-native file type into and out of Onshape.

Can Onshape open OBJ files?

Onshape enables you to import three faceted file formats: STL, OBJ and Parasolid Mesh for visualization and referencing.

Can you export a SVG from Onshape?

You can create views of the model (or an assembly) and you can right-click on a drawing view, then there’s an option to make sketches visible as well. Once you have a drawing, you can export the whole thing as SVG, DXF, PDF, and other formats as well.

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How do you use Onshape offline?

Onshape does not have an “offline mode”. You need an internet connection to use the service.

Can you download Onshape?

Your design data is anywhere you are – it’s accessible from any computer via web browser or from any mobile device running iOS or Android.

Can Onshape open SolidWorks files?

One last note for SolidWorks users: To import a SolidWorks assembly, first use the Pack and Go command in SolidWorks and the option to “Save to Zip file.” This will create a single zip file that contains the assembly plus all of its parts. This zip file can then be imported into Onshape.

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