Can I delete project scratch Ansys?

How do I delete materials in Ansys?

Choose the material to be deleted in the Fluent Fluid Materials drop-down list, Fluent Solid Materials list, or other similarly named list. The list’s name will be the same as the material type you selected in the previous step. 4. Click on the Delete button at the bottom of the Materials task page.

How do I delete a parameter set in Ansys Workbench?

In Fluent on the top menu toolbar select User Defined->Parameters. Then select the parameter to delete ->More->Delete.

How do I remove ANSYS lock files?

ANSYS creates and checks for lock files by default. If you prefer to disable the file-lock feature, specify the ANSYS_LOCK=OFF environment variable in your config60.

How do I edit a material in Ansys?

How A Material Property Is Changed In ANSYS®?

  1. Click on Engineering Data. To open the material library and the material section of ANSYS®, double click on Engineering Data as shown by the red arrow above in ANSYS®.
  2. Click on Engineering Data Sources. …
  3. Make the material library editable. …
  4. Edit your material property.

How do I change material in Ansys?

Click on Engineering Data Sources as shown by the blue box above and select your material library that that material that you want to use in ANSYS® Mechanical as shown by the red box, then select the materials that you will use in ANSYS® Mechanical by clicking on little plus buttons as shown by red arrows.

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How do I set parameters in Ansys Workbench?

Changing Design Parameters

  1. Click the box in front of the thickness parameter of the design. …
  2. Similarly, click the box by the maximum stress, or any other data you want to see in the result table. …
  3. Double click the Parameter Set.

What is Project Scratch folder Ansys?

The _ProjectScratch directory is a temporary directory that is created during the solve, where files are copied to _ProjectScratch and then copied back from _ProjectScratch upon completion of solve. It should be automatically deleted by ANSYS upon solving, or even when a user Interrupts or stops solve.

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