Your question: How do you reply on Google Slides?

How do you insert a comment in Google Slides?

You can add comments in Google Slides by first selecting the text or the object to which the comments need to be added. Next, click on the ‘Insert Tab’ on the Menu bar, and select ‘Add Comments’. Enter your comment in pop-up that opens up, and then click on the “Comment” button.

Can students comment on Google Slides?

On your computer, open a document, spreadsheet, or presentation. Highlight the text, images, cells, or slides you want to comment on. Type your comment. Click Comment.

How do you add a comment to a slide?

Add a comment

  1. On the slide that you want to add a comment to, do one of the following: To add a comment about text or an object on a slide, select the text or object. …
  2. On the Review tab, in the Comments group, click New Comment.
  3. Type your comments, and then click outside the comment box.

How do you comment on Google Slides app?

Use & follow up on action items

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open a file in the Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides app.
  2. Highlight the text, images, cells, or slides you want to comment on.
  3. To add a comment, tap More. …
  4. Type your comment.
  5. To the left of your comment, tap @ and enter in the person’s name or email address.
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Why can’t I see comments on Google Slides?

Why can’t I see comments on Google Docs? Hiding Comments in Google Docs You won’t be able to edit or make changes to the document, but comments will remain hidden from view while this mode is active. To switch to this mode, click View > Mode > Viewing from the top menu.

How do you add speaker notes on Google Slides?

Open a presentation in Google Slides. In the top right corner, next to Slideshow , click the Down arrow . Click Presenter view. Click Speaker notes.

What can a commenter do on Google Slides?

Users given the “can comment” permission can not only view a doc, but they can also make and respond to comments, without having editing rights.

How do you show comments in Google Slides?

Click on the Comments button at the top of a Google Doc to see all comments and discussions that have taken place in a document or presentation. Rather than scrolling down your document looking for a comment, just click on the “Comments” button at the top of your document which opens up a list summary of all comments.

Can you leave comments on Google Slides?

Google Slides now allows you to make comments on specific parts of a text on a slide rather than the whole text box. Highlight a word or phrase within a textbox and add a comment just on that word or phrase.