Your question: How do I get audio to play in LibreOffice PowerPoint?

How do I get audio to play in Libreoffice?

For example:

  1. Use the Ellipse tool to draw a “button”
  2. Right click the “button” and select “Interaction”
  3. Change the “Action at mouse click” to “Play audio”. An “Audio” field should appear.
  4. Click the “Browse” button, select your audio file, and click “OK”.

Why is audio not playing in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint won’t play your audio files if the audio file format is not supported. Additionally, if the audio file is not embedded correctly, it won’t work in PowerPoint. Sometimes, the audio is played but the volume level is too low. So, increase the volume on your computer to an audible level.

How do I listen to audio in Open Office Impress?

Impress places a small box containing a speaker icon on the slide, showing that the slide is linked to a music file. Press F5 if would like to preview your presentation. The music will play when the slide containing the speaker icon appears.

How do I add voice to LibreOffice impress?

I want to record my voice for a slide in LibreOffice Impress.

2 Answers

  1. Install Audacity.
  2. Go to menu: Edit ▸ Preferences ▸ Devices. Go to section Recording.
  3. Choose the appropriate recording device (make sure the device is plugged-in) and click OK.
  4. Record the audio.
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How do I add narration to LibreOffice impress?

Then in LibreOffice Impress go to Slide Show → Slide Transition and for chosen transition method, by default No Transition which means nothing happens visibly, from Sound drop-down box select Other Sound…, locate recorded sound file for current slide and click Open. Do this for every slide you want to have narration.

How you can insert a video in LibreOffice impress?

Inserting a Video in Impress

To insert a video, from menu select Insert -> Audio or Video. From the file selection dialog box, choose the video to be inserted. If the video is supported, you would see it inside the slide.