You asked: What file types are supported by Google Slides?

Are PDFs compatible with Google Slides?

You can’t directly insert a PDF directly into Google Slides, but you can insert image files, and you can link those image files to online resources.

Does Google Slides support JPEG?

Google has announced today that it is expanding the types of images it supports when converting Microsoft Office files to Google Docs. Previously, supported image file types included JPEG, PNG, EMF, and WMF. … Check out the Help Center for more information on converting files in Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

How do I insert a PDF into a Google slide?

How to add a PDF file to Google Slides

  1. Open Google Drive and upload your file.
  2. Right click on the file and select Get link.
  3. Choose who you want to see it, it can either be anyone who has the link or a list of people.
  4. Now click Copy link and Done. The link is now copied in your clipboard.

How do you insert a PDF into a Google slide?

To add a PDF to Google Slides, first convert the PDF document into an image. You can do this by either using Acrobat Reader, third-party tools, or take a screenshot. Then, on Google Slides, click on the Insert>Images>Upload from Computer. Locate the image and upload it to your presentation.

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What picture format does Google Slides support?

Supported file formats and limits

.GSLIDES Google Slides Shortcut
.ODP OpenDocument Presentation
.PDF Portable Document Format File
.PNG Portable Network Graphic

What image format is compatible with Google Slides?

jpg, . svg, and . pdf. This makes it easy to view or convert Microsoft Office files directly from Google Drive or insert images directly into a slide.

What image formats are supported on Google Slides?

The following formats should be supported:

  • Google Docs.
  • Google Sheets.
  • Google Slides.
  • Google Forms.
  • Google Drawings.
  • Image files (. JPEG, . PNG, . GIF, . TIFF, . BMP)
  • Raw Image formats.
  • Video files (WebM, . MPEG4, . 3GPP, . MOV, . AVI, . MPEGPS, . WMV, . FLV, . ogg)

How do you convert a PDF to Google Slides for free?

HiPDF, an online PDF tool, helps you convert PDF to Google slides online for free.

  1. Upload a PDF. Go to the convert PDF to Google slides online page from your browser and then upload your target PDF document by clicking the “Choose File” button or dragging and dropping the file to this page.
  2. Convert PDF to Slides Google.

How do I convert a PDF to slides?

How to convert a PDF into a PowerPoint presentation using Adobe Acrobat

  1. Open the PDF that you want to convert. …
  2. On the right side of the screen, click on “Export PDF.”
  3. From the menu, click on “Microsoft PowerPoint,” then click “Export.”