You asked: How do you make an object invisible in PowerPoint?

How do you make an object disappear in PowerPoint?

Adding an exit animation to make an object disappear

  1. Select an object. …
  2. Click the Animations tab in the Ribbon.
  3. Click Add Animation in the Advanced Animations group (you must select Add Animation if you are adding more than one animation to an object). …
  4. Click the Disappear exit animation in the Exit group.

How do you hide part of a picture in PowerPoint?

Quick Steps: Crop a Picture in PowerPoint

  1. Activate the picture by clicking it.
  2. The Picture toolbar pops up.
  3. Click the Crop tool. on the toolbar.
  4. Drag any corner of the picture to hide the unwanted details.
  5. Tadaaaa!

How do you hide and reveal text in PowerPoint?

Click the “Home” tab located on the ribbon at the top of PowerPoint 2010. Highlight the text that you wish to hide and select the “Font Color” icon from the Font section of the Ribbon. Change the color to the same color as the background of your slide. Your text will now be hidden.

How do you make objects appear and disappear in after effects?

Easiest way to make objects appear/disappear in After Effects

  1. Create your composition. …
  2. Create a shape layer that will cover your object/text. …
  3. Hit the ‘Toggle Switches / Modes’ button to bring up the TrkMat option for your layers.
  4. Change the Track Matte of your object/text layer to ‘Alpha Matte.
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How do I cut out part of a picture?

On the Home tab of the toolbar ribbon, select Select, and then choose Free-form selection. Click and drag on the image to trace the outline of the area that you want to cut out or cover. Press the Delete key.

How do you hide sections in PowerPoint?

Hide or show a slide

  1. In the left navigation pane, select a slide. To hide a slide, right-click the slide that you want to hide, and then click Hide Slide. To show a slide that you previously hid, right-click the slide that you want to show, and then click Hide Slide.
  2. Right-click the slide and then select Hide Slide.

How do you make things appear in PowerPoint by clicking a button?

Set a trigger on the clicking of an item

On the Animations tab, in the Advanced Animation group, click Animation Pane. In the Animation Pane, select the animation that you want to trigger. In the Advanced Animation group, click Trigger, point to On Click of, and select the object that you want to trigger the animation.