You asked: How do I bulk delete comments in PowerPoint?

How do you mass delete PowerPoint notes?

Click on the Check for Issues button and then on Inspect Document. Make sure the Comments and Annotations and the Presentation Notes boxes are checked and click Inspect. If there are any comments, annotations or notes, clicking the Remove All buttons will remove them all.

How do I remove comments from a PowerPoint presentation?

Delete a comment

  1. In the Comments pane, select the comment you want to delete and select the X.
  2. On the slide, right-click the comment icon. and select Delete Comment.

How do I delete multiple sections in PowerPoint?

On the Home tab, in the Slides group, click the Section button, and then click Remove All Sections.

How do you move comments in PowerPoint?

To view a comment, click the comment bubble. To change a comment, click the comment in the Comments pane and then edit the text in the comment until you’re satisfied. You can move a comment by dragging it. Note that comments are not attached to any particular slide object or text.

How do you remove sections from PowerPoint?

Move or delete a section

  1. Move a section: Right-click and select Move Section Up or Move Section Down.
  2. Delete a section: Right-click and select Remove Section.
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How do you ungroup sections in PowerPoint?

In Normal View or Slide Master View, right-click the object you want to ungroup. A drop-down menu appears. Select Group and then Ungroup from the sub-menu. The selected objects will be ungrouped.

How do I delete a slide in PowerPoint on a Mac?

To delete a slide, select it, right-click and choose Delete Slide. You can also select it and just press the Delete or Backspace key. Remember that you can select multiple slides by holding the Ctrl key (Cmd in Mac) while clicking them.

How do I remove presenter notes from Keynote?

To hide presenter notes, click View in the toolbar, then choose Hide Presenter Notes.