Which will give white PPT with agno3 in aqueous solution?

Which will give white precipitate with AgNO3 in aqueous solution?

[Pt(NH3)3Cl3]Cl will form white ppt. with AgNO3 as it contains Cl in ionisation sphere i.e., form Cl ion in aqueous solution.

Which one of the following is likely to give a PPT with AgNO3?


Which gas gives white PPT with AgNO3?

(D) Sulphur dioxide. Hint: We should note that to give the reaction with the silver nitrate and obtain the white ppt. the addition of the colourless silver nitrate to the hydrochloric acid in the presence of nitric acid leads to the desired product. Moreover the reagent added to enhance the reaction is nitric acid.

Which of the following compound will give white precipitate with AgNO3?

(C2H5)3N+HCl- is an ionic compound, so it will form precipitate of AgCl on addicing AgNO3. In 2,4,6-Trinitrochlorbenzene,-Cl is activated HNO3 due to the presence of three -NO2 groups in o- and p-positions, so it will be very reactive leading to formation of AgCl on adding HNO3 and AgNO2.

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What gives AgNO3 precipitate?

Iodoform gives a precipitate with AgNO3.

Which of the following will not give a PPT with AgNO3 solution?

[Co(NH3)3Cl3] does not give a precipitate with AgNO3 solution because in it all the chlorine atoms are attached by secondary valencies.

Which of the following is optically active and gives yellow Colour PPT with AgNO3?

is 1-iodo-1-phenylethane, so it will also react with silver nitrate and form yellow precipitate. – Therefore, option (C) is the correct answer.

Which of the following is expected to yield a white precipitate with AgNO3?

4NH3 , impure chloroform and Carnelite will give a white precipitate with AgNO3 since they have free chloride ions.

Which gas forms a white precipitate with silver nitrate?

because Silver nitrate reacts with hydrochloric acid to form thick curdy white precipitate of silver chloride whereas silver nitrate does not react with nitric acid.

Which gives white PPT with ammoniacal AgNO3?

1- butyne forms white precipitate with ammoniacal silver nitrate solution while 2- butyne does not.

Which will not give white PPT with AgNO3?

Chloroform does not give white precipitate with silver nitrate solution despite the presence of chlorine in it is because the chlorines in chloroform are covalently bonded to the central atom carbon.

Which of the following compound will not give a white precipitate with alcoholic AgNO3?

when boiled with alcoholic silver nitrate except. Vinyl chloride does not give white ppt. since Cl is directly bonded to sp2 hybridised carbon.

Which among the following will give a white precipitate of AgCl on heating with AgNO3 solution?

CH2=CHCH2Cl will give white ppt. of AgCl in cold with alcoholic AgNO3.

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