Which of the following is the part of Libreoffice Impress main window?

Which of the following is not a part of the main Impress window?

The right answer to the asked question is Option C. The work pane is not a part of the main Impress window. The Impress Window is segregated into three parts, and they are, the Slides pane, the Tasks pane and the Workspace. The presentation program of OpenOffice is called as Impress.

What are different toolbars of the LibreOffice impress window?


  • Standard Bar. The Standard bar is available in every LibreOffice application.
  • Drawing Bar. The Drawing bar holds the main drawing tools.
  • Line and Filling Bar. The Line and Filling bar contains commands for the current editing mode.
  • Table Bar. …
  • Text Formatting Bar. …
  • Image Bar. …
  • Edit Points Bar. …
  • Options Bar.

What are the parts of the main Impress window?

The main Impress window (Figure 1) has three parts: the Slides pane, the Workspace, and the Tasks pane. Additionally, several toolbars can be displayed or hidden during the creation of a presentation.

How many types of views are there in Libre Office Impress describe any four?

It has five tabs: Normal, Outline, Notes, Handout, and Slide Sorter. These five tabs are called View buttons. Since LibreOffice 5.1, the View buttons are not shown by default; but they can be activated by choosing View > Modes Tab Bar from the menu bar.

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Which of the following is not a section of tasks pane in Impress?

The layout is not a section of the task pane.

What is the default view of Impress window?

Normal view This is the default view in Impress, and the one you will likely work in most often. It displays three panes at oncea Slide pane, a drawing pane, and a Task paneand you can further customize it to suit your preferences.

Which of the following option is not available in presentation Wizard?

Answer: The form template is not available on Presentation Wizard.