What is Zoom slider in PowerPoint?

What is the use of a zoom slider?

Zoom Slider is the name of a web-based slideshow utility, written purely in the JavaScript language programming. This slideshow feature enables you to zoom in and out, insert HTML captions for images, view thumbnail images, and use navigation controls.

What is zooming slider?

Zoom Slider, that is also known as Zoom Bar, is the slider available in all the Microsoft products that allow the user to zoom in and zoom out of a document without having to press any commands or keys.

Where is the Zoom Slider?

On the status bar of your Office app, click the zoom slider. Slide to the percentage zoom setting that you want.

What does the zoom slider do in Word?

You can easily zoom a document in Word to change its magnification level by using the Zoom slider. The Zoom slider appears in the lower-right corner of the application window. You can click and drag the slider left, towards the minus symbol (-), to shrink the magnification level.

What contains zoom slider?

Answer: In Microsoft Office products, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, a zoom bar or zoom slider is available for zooming in and out of documents quickly and easily. The zoom slider is usually in the lower right corner of the software window and should resemble the picture on this page.

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Which button of Zoom slider is used for zooming out?

Which button of Zoom slider is used to zooming out? 1. While pressing SHIFT and CTRL on the keyboard, use the pointer to drag a square over the area on the map where you wish to zoom out.

What does zoom levels mean?

A zoom level determines how much of the world is visible on a map. … At low zoom levels, a small set of map tiles covers a large geographical area. At higher zoom levels, a larger number of tiles cover a smaller geographical area.

On which bar is the zoom slider available?

The Zoom control slider is located in the status bar.

How do you zoom in on a PowerPoint slide?

Zoom in to part of a slide in Slide Show view

  1. In the lower right-hand corner of your slide, click Slide Show view.
  2. In the lower left corner of the presenter view, click the magnifying glass icon. …
  3. Point your mouse over the area of the slide that you want to magnify, then click to zoom in on-screen.