What is the purpose of Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint?

What is the main purpose of Microsoft Word?

The purpose of the MS Word is to allow the users to type and save documents. Similar to other word processors, it has helpful tools to make documents. Microsoft word, often called as word, carries with it a lot of benefits.

What is the purpose of using Microsoft PowerPoint?

The purpose of PowerPoint is to act as a visual aid as a presenter goes along presenting their option, ideas, sales pitch, etc. Make sure to not make your slides too wordy and concentrate on adding only basic bullet points.

How important is Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint?

Word creates text-based documents while PowerPoint creates presentations. Users generally use Microsoft Word when they need to create letters, forms, mailings and reports. Users utilize PowerPoint when they need to create presentations for business meetings, seminars, workshops or trainings.

What is the use of Microsoft Excel Word and PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is used for making presentations. Excel is the most helpful for capturing, tracking, and analyzing data with the help of graphical charts. Word is used for creating documents such as reports and books.

Why is Microsoft Word important to you as a student?

MS word is an important education application. MS word can benefits teachers,business and students to create new innovative methods of learning and teaching. MS word and MS office suite for students help to transmit educational materials and practice systematically in school and university faster with higher quality.

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Why is it important for us to learn the advanced word processing skills?

Word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word, in addition to working with text also provide tools to insert pictures, edit photos, draw objects, and produce graphic organizers. … For these reasons, it is important to include word processing skills when planning classroom activities.

How does Microsoft Word help students?

Microsoft word can benefits teachers and students to create new innovative methods of learning and teaching. MS WORD is an important application for education purpose. In this digital world, it helps to make notes inspite of notebooks. We can prepares notes with diagrams, graphs, tables and smart art etc.