What is full form of ppt in water?

What is the ppt full form?

PowerPoint presentation (Microsoft)

PPT is a file extension for a presentation file format used by Microsoft PowerPoint, the popular presentation software commonly used for office and educational slide shows.

What is ppt water?

Much like percentage, parts per thousand (ppt) is a ratio often used to refer to the concentration of solutes in solutions, such as salts in water (i.e. salinity). “The average salinity in ocean water”, you will read in most introduction to oceanography textbooks, “is 35 ppt”.

What is the meaning of 35 ppt?

For example, 35 parts per thousand salinity represents 35 grams of salt in 1000 grams of solution. … The following equation is for a 35 ppt salinity solution containing 35 grams of salt per 1000 grams of saltwater.

How much is 35 ppt?

Salinity was formerly expressed in terms of parts per thousand (ppt) or by weight (parts per thousand or 0/00). That is, a salinity of 35 ppt meant 35 pounds of salt per 1,000 pounds of seawater. Open ocean salinity is generally in the range from 32 to 37.”

What is salt ppt?

Salinity is the measure of the number of grams of salts per kilogram of seawater, which is expressed in parts per thousand. Parts per thousand can be defined as how many parts, or grams, of salt there are per thousand parts, or kilogram (1,000 g), of seawater. Parts per thousand is commonly abbreviated as ppt. …

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How do you calculate salinity ppt?

Salinity can be determined using the relationship, salinity (ppt) = 0.0018066 5 Cl– (mg/L). assumption that most of the ions in the solution are non-carbonate salt ions (e.g., Na+, K+, or Cl–), and converts the conductivity reading to a salinity value.