What gives PPT with AgNO3?

What forms a precipitate with AgNO3?

For example, when an aqueous solution of silver nitrate (AgNO3) is added to the aqueous solution of sodium chloride (NaCl), a white precipitate of silver chloride (AgCl) is formed that is indicated by the following chemical reaction. … Ionic compounds dissociate into ions when dissolved in water (aqueous solution).

What forms white PPT with AgNO3?

NaCI is a covalent compound and forms AgCl as white ppt.

What compound forms a precipitate with silver nitrate?

For example, when silver nitrate and potassium bromide are mixed, a precipitate of silver bromide forms. The ions that remain in solution are written together as an aqueous, ionic compound on the products side.

What reacts with silver nitrate to form a white precipitate?

Carbonate ions also produce a white precipitate with silver nitrate solution. The acid reacts with any carbonate ions present. This removes them, so stopping them giving an incorrect positive result for chloride ions.

Which salt gives white PPT with AgNO3?


Which gives white PPT with ammoniacal AgNO3?

1- butyne forms white precipitate with ammoniacal silver nitrate solution while 2- butyne does not.

What creates white precipitate?

Many metal ions produce white precipitates with sodium hydroxide. These are the two tests you would carry out to identify a metal ion: add dilute ammonia solution.

Observation with dilute NaOH.

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Ion A few drops Excess
Zn 2+ White precipitate forms Precipitate redissolves
Ca 2+ White precipitate forms No change

Does AgCl form a precipitate?

If two solutions are mixed together it is possible that two ions could combine to form an insoluble ionic complex. … Since Ag+ is now in solution with Cl the two will combine to form AgCl, and the AgCl will precipitate from solution.