What do you call someone who is difficult to impress?

What do you call a person who can’t be pleased?

insatiable Add to list Share. If someone can’t be satisfied, she is insatiable.

What is a word for someone who is difficult?

troublesome, crucial, tough, problematic, arduous, onerous, demanding, severe, strenuous, ambitious, burdensome, laborious, painful, challenging, complex, delicate, confusing, grim, intractable, gargantuan.

What is a fastidious person?

fastidious • fass-TID-ee-us • adjective. 1 a : having high and often capricious standards : difficult to please b : showing or demanding excessive delicacy or care c : reflecting a meticulous, sensitive, or demanding attitude 2 : having complex nutritional requirements.

What is another word for not pleased?

What is another word for not satisfied?

dissatisfied discontented
disappointed exasperated
irked unhappy
vexed malcontent
resentful aggrieved

What is a synonym for not pleased?

displeased, unhappy, disgruntled.

What’s a better word for difficult?

What is another word for difficult?

arduous challenging
harsh rigorous
strenuous testing
tough backbreaking
daunting exacting

Is being fastidious a bad thing?

Fastidious does not, in all cases, have a negative connotation. It’s primary meaning is careful attention to detail and can include attention to personal appearance. While it isn’t a synonym for nit-picking or petty, it can mean difficult to please.

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Is being fastidious a good thing?

Fussy and hard to please will also do the trick. Fastidious is occasionally used as a compliment to describe someone whose attention to detail gives them good organizing abilities, but it is usually used as a disapproving term.

What are examples for fastidious?

An example of a fastidious bacterium is Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which requires blood or hemoglobin and several amino acids and vitamins to grow. Other examples include Campylobacter spp. and Helicobacter spp., which are capnophilic – require elevated CO2 – among other requirements.

What is the opposite word of the Pleased?

What is the opposite of pleased?

dissatisfied displeased
unhappy discontent
disappointed discontented
unfulfilled ungratified
unsatisfied complaining

How do you say I’m not satisfied?

There are many ways to say it: I disagree, I am not satisfied. I disagree (with what you said/are saying) and I am not satisfied. You are incorrect, I am not satisfied.

How do you say not satisfied?


  1. aggrieved,
  2. discontent,
  3. discontented,
  4. disgruntled,
  5. displeased,
  6. malcontent.