What are the steps in taking an alginate impression?

Which is an appropriate procedure for disinfection of alginate impression?

Sodium hypochlorite disinfection is an efficient disinfection method for alginate impressions. Tap water rinsing reduces microbial load but does not eliminate the cross-infection potential of alginate.

How do you take two step impressions?

Definition. A two step impression is when an impression is taken twice, the first time with heavy/medium body, then when that material is set, the second step is to add light body over the VPS putty for another impression.

What is the best way to take alginate impressions?

Collect alginate from sides of bowl with spatula and place the impression material evenly in the tray. Set time is three minutes from start of mix. Fast set alginate is two minutes. It is recommended to wipe alginate on occlusal surfaces before seating tray to help prevent occurrence of trapping bubbles in impression.

Which impression will you take first and why?

The lower impression is typically done first, followed by the upper. Because the impression has to get to the back of your mouth to get the back teeth, some patients think the alginate is going to slide down their throat. Don’t worry – it won’t. Orthodontic assistants take many impressions every day.

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What are the proper steps that should be taken for an alginate impression of the maxillary and mandibular impression?

The steps involved are selection of impression tray, mixing and loading of alginate impression material, preparing the mouth, making the impression, removal/inspection of the impression, and storage and disinfection.

When taking an alginate impression which area is seated first quizlet?

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It is advised to take the maxillary alginate impression first to get the most difficult impression for the patient over with. The margins of a temporary crown must fit snugly and accurately along the prepared margin of the tooth.

Why would you select a fast set alginate when taking a preliminary impression?

Why would you select a fast-set alginate over a normal-set alginate? Using fast-set alginate allows the tray to be removed from the patient’s mouth sooner, creating more comfort especially if patient has severe gag reflex.

How should impressions be disinfected?

In general, impressions should be rinsed under running water and/or gently scrubbed with a camel hair brush (i.e., artists brush, one-half inch bristle) and a liquid detergent under running water to remove bioburden. Scrubbing gently with dental stone sprinkled into the impression will remove stubborn materials.

How is an alginate impression disinfected quizlet?

How is an alginate impression disinfected? Spray the alginate with an intermediate-level disinfectant. How are alginate impressions removed from the mouth? Use one quick, snap-out motion.

How do you disinfect an impression tray?

Impressions should be rinsed thoroughly under running tap water before disinfection to remove as much bioburden as possible. Both immersion and spraying have been recommended for disinfection of impressions.

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