What are the different types of SmartArt graphics in MS PowerPoint 2016?

How many SmartArt graphics are there?

There are eight categories of SmartArt graphics in the SmartArt gallery.

What is SmartArt in MS PowerPoint?

SmartArt is a tool in PowerPoint that allows you to create complicated charts and diagrams with a minimum amount of effort. SmartArt is “smart” in that is automatically adjusts for size as you work on the layout.

What can you do SmartArt diagram in MS PowerPoint?

The SmartArt feature lets you create and customize designer-quality diagrams. You can even convert bulleted lists into a diagram using the SmartArt diagram tools. Click the Insert tab. Click the SmartArt button on the ribbon.

Where can you see the different SmartArt graphics that are available?

SmartArt graphics and tools are available in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. You can find all the tools for SmartArt graphics on the SmartArt toolbar.

What types or categories of diagrams does SmartArt make available?

Layout types. The Choose a SmartArt Graphic gallery displays all available layouts broken into eleven different types — All, List, Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Matrix, Pyramid, Picture, Office.com, and Other. (The Office.com type shows additional layouts available on Office.com.

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