What are the different features of PowerPoint?

What are the features of a good PowerPoint presentation?

Features of a Good PowerPoint Presentation

  • check out the design templates.
  • use standard position, colour and styles.
  • only use necessary or essential information.
  • content should be understandable to anyone who reads it (you shouldn’t have to explain it to them)
  • use colours that are contrasting but not jarring or distracting.

What are the features of PowerPoint 2007?

New Features in PowerPoint 2007

  • The slide template design gallery is very graphical, and your presentation changes dynamically as you browse the gallery.
  • SmartArt makes striking flowcharts, Venn diagrams and relationship models.
  • The creation of a presentation is now a more fluid process from beginning to end. Feedback.

What are the features of presentation?

The features of presentation are:

  • Slides that can contain any mixture of text, images, video, animations, links and sound.
  • Animation effects that allow the various elements on each slide to appear after a certain amount of time or when a presenter presses a button.

What is the difference between PowerPoint 2016 and 2019?

Differences PowerPoint 2016 and 2019

A first update relates to the Zoom and Morph functions. The Morph function ensures improved, seamless transitions between different slides. … Another major update within PowerPoint 2019 is the option to add and edit vector graphics.

What are the features that make a presentation interesting?

7 Qualities Of A Good Presentation

  • Confidence. I know this seem fairly impossible at the moment but going into a presentation with confidence really helps to sell it to your audience. …
  • Passion. …
  • Knowledge. …
  • Naturalness. …
  • Organization. …
  • Time-sensitive. …
  • Clarity.
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